“Uncovering the Legacy of Underrated Cricket Bowler Mike Hendrick” 

 April 20, 2023

Uncovering the Legacy of Underrated Cricket Bowler Mike Hendrick

Are you a cricket fan who loves learning about the sport’s often-underrated players? Look no further than Mike Hendrick, an English cricket bowler who left a legacy in the cricketing world. Despite being overlooked by many, Hendrick’s contributions to the sport cannot be ignored. Let’s delve into the lesser-known details of his sports career!


Michael Hendrick, commonly known as Mike Hendrick, was an English fast-medium bowler. He was born on 22 December 1948, in Derbyshire, England, and passed away on 26 December 2021, in Perth, Australia. During his cricket career, he was a key player in both county and international cricket, representing his country on several occasions. Hendrick was an underrated player during his time, yet his impact on cricket was massive.

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Early Life and Cricket Career

Hendrick started playing cricket from a young age and immediately showed excellent talent. He played for Derbyshire in 1969 at just 20 years old. He was soon drafted into the national cricket team to represent England and helped them win many matches. Hendrick was known for his unique and swift bowling style and made a significant contribution to the English cricket team’s success during his time representing the country.

Hendrick’s Stat Records and Achievements

During his career, Hendrick recorded more than 750 domestic wickets for Derbyshire and represented England in 30 test matches. His best bowling figures for England were 6/50, which was achieved against the West Indies in 1976. Hendrick also played in 22 One Day Internationals, where he took 29 wickets. He was one of the key players for England in the 1979 World Cup and helped them finish runners-up.

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Hendrick’s Swing Bowling Technique

Hendrick was known for his impeccable bowling technique, especially his swing bowling. Swing bowling involves the cricket ball moving through the air, drifting from one side to another. Some bowlers can bowl outswing or inswing deliveries. Hendrick was a master at both forms of swing bowling. He had the ability to move the ball quickly and deceive even the best of batsmen.

Hendrick’s Contribution to County Cricket

Although Hendrick played a significant role in international cricket, his county cricket performance was also impressive. He spent a major part of his cricket career playing for Derbyshire. During his time in the team, he helped the team win the County Championship in 1970 and the Gillette Cup in 1973. Hendrick finished his County cricket career by playing for Nottinghamshire in 1981, where he retired to take up coaching.

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Why Was Hendrick an Underrated Bowler?

Despite having impressive stat records and achievements, Hendrick was an underrated cricket bowler. This was partially due to injury issues that persisted throughout his career. Hendrick’s injuries were largely responsible for preventing him from achieving more success in international cricket. Additionally, he was surrounded by many other great players of his era, such as Ian Botham, who stole much of the limelight.


1. What was Mike Hendrick’s bowling average in test matches?

Hendrick’s bowling average in test matches was 25.83.

2. Did Mike Hendrick play in any World Cup tournaments?

Yes, Hendrick played in the 1979 World Cup, where he helped England finish as runners-up.

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3. How many wickets did Mike Hendrick take in One Day Internationals?

Hendrick took 29 wickets in 22 One Day Internationals.

4. What was Hendrick’s bowling style?

Hendrick was a swing bowler, known for his ability to move the ball quickly and deceive the best of batsmen.

5. Why was Hendrick underrated as a bowler?

Hendrick’s injuries and the presence of other great players of his era, such as Ian Botham, caused him to be overlooked.

6. Which county cricket team did Hendrick play for?

Hendrick played for Derbyshire for a large part of his career, winning the County Championship and the Gillette Cup with them.

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7. What impact did Hendrick make on the cricketing world?

Hendrick made a massive contribution to the cricketing world, leaving behind an impressive legacy.


Mike Hendrick may have been an underrated player during his time, but his impact on the cricketing world cannot be ignored. He was a masterful swing bowler and contributed massively to both county and international cricket. His legacy in the sport remains, inspiring young cricketers worldwide. Let’s celebrate his life and contributions to cricket, recognizing the importance of all players, even those once overlooked.


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