“The Untold Story of Vern Bickford: Baseball’s Secret Weapon” 

 April 18, 2023


As the world of baseball progressed, several players became famous for their skills and achievements. However, one player remains significantly underrated, even though he was one of the greatest pitchers in the 1950s. This player is Vern Bickford, also known as “Baseball’s Secret Weapon.” Vern Bickford’s story is as fascinating as he was talented. This blog post will unveil everything you need to know about Vern Bickford, his career, and his life.

Section One: The Early Life of Vern Bickford

Vern Bickford was born on August 17, 1920, in Hellier, Kentucky, United States. He grew up in a small town where baseball was a favorite pastime. Vern fell in love with the sport and started playing it from an early age. His passion for baseball grew stronger as he played for his high school team in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Despite lacking the necessary coaching and resources, Vern’s raw talent gave him a spotlight.

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Section Two: Vern Bickford’s Amateur Career

In 1941, Vern started playing amateur baseball for the town team in Kenosha. He showed incredible pitching skills, which led him to play for various semi-professional teams in the following years. Vern kept improving and finally got picked by the Milwaukee Brewers in 1947, starting his professional career.

Section Three: Vern Bickford’s Professional Career

Vern Bickford played in various Minor League teams before making his debut in the Major Leagues in 1948 for the Boston Braves. In the following years, he continued to improve his skills, becoming one of the most dominant pitchers in the league. In 1950, Bickford led the National League in strikeouts, posting a record of 14-13 with an ERA of 3.05. He also started the All-Star Game, becoming the first Milwaukee Braves player to do so.

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Section Four: Vern Bickford’s Record-Breaking Achievement

In 1953, Vern Bickford made history by throwing 12 complete games in a row, breaking the National League record previously held by Carl Hubbell. Vern’s incredible feat of pitching helped him earn the National League pitcher of the month award twice in that year. He ended the season with 21 wins and eight losses, posting an ERA of 2.98.

Section Five: Vern Bickford’s Personality Traits

Vern Bickford was a passionate, tough, and competitive player. He never gave up and always fought for the victory. Vern’s natural talent was coupled with his strong will and commitment to excellence, making him the best pitcher of his time. Despite his accomplishments, Vern remained humble and focused on improving his game.

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Section Six: Vern Bickford After Retirement

After a successful nine-year career in the Major Leagues, Vern Bickford retired in 1954. He worked as a gas pipeline inspector until his death in 1960. Despite being gone for over sixty years, Vern’s legacy continues to inspire many aspiring young baseball players.

Section Seven: Vern Bickford’s Awards and Accolades

Vern Bickford achieved many awards and accolades for his incredible performances. He won the National League Pitcher of the Month award twice in 1953, led the National League in strikeouts in 1950, and earned All-Star honors in 1950 and 1951.

Section Eight: Vern Bickford’s Legacy

Although his records and achievements remain neglected and underappreciated, Vern Bickford’s legacy remains. His remarkable career, coupled with his natural talent, has inspired many young baseball players. Vern’s grit and determination are a fundamental reminder that one can achieve their wildest dreams if they have passion and perseverance.

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Q1. What was Vern Bickford’s most significant achievement?
A1. Vern’s most significant accomplishment was breaking the National League’s record by throwing 12 complete games in a row in 1953.

Q2. Did Vern Bickford win any awards?
A2. Vern won many awards, one of which was the National League Pitcher of the Month award that he won twice in 1953.

Q3. How long was Vern Bickford’s professional career?
A3. Vern Bickford’s professional career spanned over nine years, from 1948 to 1954.

Q4. What were Vern Bickford’s personality traits?
A4. Vern was passionate, tough, and competitive. He was naturally talented, but his strong will and commitment to excellence made him one of the best pitchers in the league.

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Q5. What did Vern Bickford do after retirement?
A5. Vern worked as a gas pipeline inspector after his retirement from professional baseball.

Q6. What was Vern Bickford’s birthplace?
A6. Vern Bickford was born in Hellier, Kentucky, United States.

Q7. What is Vern Bickford’s legacy?
A7. Vern Bickford’s legacy remains an inspiration for many aspiring young baseball players. His grit and determination remind us that we can achieve our dreams with passion and perseverance.


Vern Bickford was a talented and competitive player who achieved many accolades during his nine-year career. Despite his natural talent, his strong will and commitment to excellence made him the best pitcher of his time. Vern Bickford’s story is a reminder that passion and determination can help us achieve greatness.

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