How to teach kids online?! 

 February 11, 2022

There are important aspects to focus on while teaching kids online:

  1. Work on their enthusiasm!
  2. Let them guess!
  3. Eencourage them to try harder!
  4. Give them a reason to love your online class!
  5. Get out of the formal mood! Use funny images! Images that will make them laugh!
  6. Crack jokes!Only light context related jokes!
  7. Use listening based tasks, some kids are good listeners!
  8. Don’t use one way tasks!
  9. Prove that they’re smart!give them easy tasks!
  10. Pretend to make a mistake and allow them to correct you!
  11. Give them the role to !
  12. Use games!Kids love games!Games that involve lots of challenge
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Here is a link to some games that English Language teachers can use:

The games can also be played offline independently by the kids.

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