How to Protect Your PDFs with Passwords and Permissions 

 October 2, 2022



People password protect PDFs because they often contain sensitive information, private data and other internal secrets that are not for public view. The PDF format is one of the few document formats that allow for such protection and it is one of the document’s most popular features. There are many different ways for people to protect PDFs, aside from having to add a password to PDFs. You can also add watermarks that protect PDFs from copying or being shared illegally, along with preventing unauthorized printing or sharing.


Two Ways to Password Protect PDF File


The two ways anyone can secure PDFs is with either:

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  • A password to open or share the file
  • A password to print or copy the file


These two methods prevent anyone from either viewing the document or reproducing it in any way, which is the point of securing a PDF. Everyone from governments, international banks, and hospitals to academic or scientific institutions use PDFs to gather and share important, and confidential information.


These documents are not meant to be viewed by everyone, which is why it is necessary to add password to PDFs. The password can then be shared with the intended recipient so the file or document gets to the right person.

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How to Add a Password to Protect your PDF Document


Adding a password to a PDF is a simple and easy process that takes only a few steps. The function is often found in the toolbar or Tools menu of any popular PDF editor. Depending on the tool (for example merge pdf)you are using, it could be found in other Menu options but you can always look for it in the security or edit menus.


You can choose the type of security from adding a password to open it or password protecting functions like printing or copying and pasting. You can also choose how your intended recipient can receive the file and what permissions they have like viewing, editing or both. If you happen to forget or lose the password, you can use Lumin PDF to unlock the file regardless of whether you remember the password or not.

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