How To Maintain Leather Bracelets? 

 March 3, 2022

Like any other fashion accessory and jewellery, a bracelet needs special care and maintenance to preserve its chic aura. Leather is a very delicate material. Thus, you need to be meticulous while wearing it and at the same time preserving it. Starting from using special techniques to clean it to being mindful of the storage condition, you need to be precautious in every step. And now mens leather bracelet you can check here

Leather can be a tricky material to maintain. If you fail to maintain it properly, it will become dry and wrinkled. This article will present to you some important tips for cleaning, maintaining, and safeguarding your precious leather pieces of jewellery regularly. Here are the best tips to maintain leather bracelets:

Make sure your leather bracelet is dry

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Authentic leather is never waterproof and the texture is porous. The surface of leather can be compared to the human skin. When you leave your finger in the water for a prolonged period of time, the skin wrinkles. It is the same thing for leather. 

Leather is susceptible to water and the surface will get stained, and may even lose its original colour. It can also grow mold which will be a challenge to remove. If water comes in contact with your leather bracelet, gently wipe it off. Remember to use a clean cotton cloth. Do not scrub the surface but go for a gentle ‘dab’ motion and let it dry off naturally.

Be careful of exposure to extreme heat

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Excess heat will dry out the leather surface. Do not wear your leather bracelet on a sunny day, when you are sleeping, or during a sweaty workout. In a nutshell, try to avoid wearing the leather bracelet when the weather is hot and humid. 

Similarly, you need to be careful where you are storing your bracelet. It is advisable to store your leather bracelet at room temperature. Get yourself a nice jewellery box and you can store your bracelet there and keep it inside your dressing drawer. 


The leather bracelet should not come in contact with cream or oil

Like any other piece of jewellery, you should also take off your leather bracelet before you apply moisturizer, oil, sunscreen, body lotions, or even perfume to your body. While the damage is not as devastating as splashing water on the leather, it may make the surface look dull and take away the shine. 

The chemicals present in the creams or deodorants can react with the leather surface and can cause decolouration of the material. 


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Clean your bracelet the right way

You should clean your bracelet frequently, if not every day, to get rid of the dust particles that have settled on the surface. To do so, take a soft and absorbent cloth and damp it a little. Pour in some mild soap and dab on the surface lightly.

After you are done with this step, take a different cloth, dampen it with water and wipe the surface again. Leave the leather bracelet to allow it to dry naturally. You can use soft, circular motions but do not scrub the surface frantically. 

If you have a high-end leather bracelet, you will be advised to use a leather conditioner. One layer of this conditioner on the surface will add additional protection to your bracelet. 

On a concluding note

After a long day of wearing the leather bracelet, make sure to not immediately store it in a closed space. Let your bracelet breathe a little and then put it in an enclosed space. With proper care, you can cherish and preserve your leather bracelet for a long time. Do you have any unique tricks that you use to maintain your leather bracelet? Let us know! 

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