How to design the logo for an app 

 June 29, 2022

The logo used for mobile app is only one of the primary elements that affect the popularity and success of mobile apps. Many users concentrate on the logo. However, it is only after that they become acquainted with the mobile application and its functions.

However, the logo must be appealing on the desktop of the device, and distinguish itself from other mobile apps to ensure that users are likely to return regularly.

Is a logo a symbol?

logos are a graphic (picture or icon or text-based designator) which is affixed by the users to a particular brand (in this case an application designed for phones). They are an integral part of every company logo, and it can be used to accomplish a number of tasks that include:

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Advertising (promotion and recognition of the brand, as and its mobile app),

– Protective (protects the customers from fraud that can negatively affect the image of an organisation),

Additionally, it is possible that the picture of mobile apps could be featured on various websites to increase the exposure of the app as well as increasing interest from numerous users.

The steps to create the logo for the application


In the beginning, you must come up with a strategy that is distinctive enough to show off the unique features of the app, or allow it to be differentiated in a positive way from other applications with similar features. It is important to ensure that the logo doesn’t infringe copyright (as this could result in huge costs in the future) and also conforms to the guidelines of Google Play and the APP Store in order to permit it to be used in these stores.

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When creating a logo for an app, it is essential to consider these points:

1.) Scalability

App icons for smartphones appears in the submenu (a smaller version of logo) and on the home page of the store as well as on the display of your smartphone. The logo must be easily seen in all variations , as well as not to irritate users’ eyes or create discomfort.

2) Recognizability

The different elements of the logo must be easy to spot and recall. Additionally, it is important to be aware that the application will be used by users across the world, which is why it is important to get rid of controversial aspects that users from particular areas or countries may not appreciate.

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3) Uniqueness

The appearance of the mobile app should stand out from the logos of competitors and also the first to catch the attention of consumers in order to ensure they are familiar with the application. To do this, it is vital that that the style of your mobile application reflect the latest trends in fashion.

To design a logo that is authentic to create an authentic logo, the following elements are needed:

Be aware of the logos and icons of other mobile apps and choose the most appealing and popular options. It is essential to alter and improve them, while not copying the most popular ones.

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Discover new color variations that look appealing against the background of logos and other icons. To do this, you will need to come up with a variety of options until the perfect logo is designed (it is suggested to hire logo designers who allow you to create a variety of alternatives in a brief amount in time).

In the process of creating the logo or icon for your mobile app, you could incorporate an element of branding that is easily identifiable and in the beginning will significantly increase the appeal of your mobile application.

4.) It is the average of how many characters

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The majority of companies have a big name, and it can be difficult to incorporate icons for mobile apps. A majority of the big brands recognize one or two letters. However, in certain variants it is possible to completely eliminate any words or letters. The use of text in the logos of mobile apps typically indicates that not all elements that are used in graphics are utilized.

If the brand’s name isn’t lengthy enough, you could make it the primary element of the logo, or an icon for the mobile application.

5.) The logo’s conformity and the purpose of the application

An ideal icon for an application should convey the main idea behind the application and present an overall impression of the program. It should also increase the idea, style, and performance. When doing so, the icon should

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You must ensure that you are in line with the color and style of the application.

Tell us what the program is and what its principal benefits are.

It is very evident In the light and dark themes of stores, and in another background on the desktop.


The layout of the mobile application is one of the key factors that determine the efficacy of a mobile application. The more time users devote towards it, and the more they pay close attention to it the more people are aware of the benefits and features. In the near future , they’ll suggest it to their friends and it’s because of its popularity that its appeal will rise and aid in the expansion of the company and the growth of its profits.

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