Data Hogging Device & Ways to Save Data on Your Monthly Plan 

 March 14, 2022

You would be amazed to know that all internet plans have a data cap, including the unlimited data plan. In the case of an unlimited plan, the data cap is very high, and ISPs believe that you cannot hit the limit. Many opt for limited data plan; therefore, it becomes essential to monitor the flow of data usage. Some apps consume more data; consequently, you must identify ways to monitor the data usage. In this content, we will discuss the main data hogging activities and ways to control the use:

Video Streaming Services- Video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube consumes a high amount of data. Watching content in 4K consumes the most amount of data. If you are on a limited internet plans, try reducing the video quality of streaming services. Doing this will save most of your data. Also, if you like watching something, you can download that stuff and enjoy the content again if you want.

Online Audio Streaming- Audio streaming is also a main data-hogging activity. If you are using a paid model of Spotify or Apple music, the songs and the podcast will automatically play at a high quality (320 Kbps). The best way to reduce the data consumption is to reduce the rate; the other thing is to download your favorite content so the next time you play that audio, it won’t incur data loss.

Social Media Platforms- Many people assume that browsing social media consumes way less data, but that is not the case anymore. AutoPlay videos are embedded in all the social media platforms, and as discussed above, video streaming is the primary data-hogging activity. Not to mention we live in the age of reels, and we know what reels are! You can save data by disabling auto-play videos in these apps.

Video Chatting Apps– With many of us locked in our house. We are all taking many video calls from our offices and our loved ones. There is very little that you can do here. With video apps supporting 1080p quality, these apps consume way more data than they used to. However, most of these apps have data saving mode in the setting menu that you can enable.

Online Games- Who doesn’t like playing online games? But the amount of data consumed by these games is enormous. If you are into live streaming, you are in a different league altogether. The best thing, in this case, is to have an unlimited Internet Plans. You can reduce FPS or reduce the video quality; in both cases, your gaming experience will get a hit.

Smartphones and Tablets- Modern smartphones and tablets consume way more data. One of the major culprits is always on sync; apps running in the background and refreshing apps consume way more data. To save the data, you can pause the sync and background process. You can also enable data saving mode in the setting options.

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