About Aldo Fraccaroli: Military Personnel, Historian (1919 

 December 28, 2021

About Aldo Fraccaroli: Military Personnel, Historian (1919 – 2010)

Aldo Fracaroli (17 September 1919 – 22/23 March 2010) was an Italian naval historian and photographer specializing in 20th century Italian naval history.he was Regia Pier (Royal Italian Navy) during World War II and briefly Marines in the 1950s.



born in Milan, Fraccaroli is the son of writer, journalist and screenwriter Arnaldo Fraccaroli and Lisetta Camerino.He started contributing and commenting to newspapers Corriere della Sera In other publications of general interest and the French Naval Yearbook battleship out of battle 1937. The following year, his photographs taken during the naval parade in the Bay of Naples on May 5, 1938, were observed by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and published by the Navy’s annual publication. Jane’s Battleship.

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Can’t join due to poor eyesight Regia Pier, Fraccaroli joined its reserves and was appointed Deputy Cashier Lieutenant after the start of World War II. After stints in Venice and Greece, he was transferred to the Roman Admiralty in 1942. He was in Rome when the Italians signed the Cassibile Armistice with the Allies on September 8, and was able to save all his negatives in Rome. Deposited with the Navy Photographic Service. After being fired, he returned to Milan to complete his law degree. He was recalled to service in April 1945, but was released again about a year later.

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After the war, Fraccaroli started working with the Italian edition of Reader’s Digest and published articles in the newspaper Italy and Pop music and magazines era. He continues to Jane’s Battleship He published a special supplement to the 1950/51 edition covering Regia PierThe Wartime Architecture is the first authoritative material on the subject published in English.

Fraccaroli published his first book in 1946, Marina Militare Italiana 1946A photo collection of Italian warships in service that year, followed by a general naval history in 1950, in Italian: Dalla piroga alla portaerei, “From Canoes to Aircraft Carriers”.Later in that decade, he began contributing to nautical journals seaside life and Italian South Sea and the official commentary of the Italian Navy, rivista maritima. During this time he worked for the Italian Travel Club and published a photography brochure. Fraccaroli too Trecani An encyclopedia covering nautical vocabulary and terms.

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In the late 1960s, he published Italian warships of the First World War and WWII Italian battleship Working with Ian Allan Publishing as no Italian publisher is interested in the subject and Ian Allan is publishing a series about all the navies involved in the world wars. Fraccaroli wrote the Italian parts of the volumes 1860-1905 and 1905-1921 Conway’s World Warship During the 1970s and 1980s, and started contributing to both warship and warship international. He also writes for the Italian Military History Magazine, military story.

After moving to Switzerland, he started writing for local newspapers, AzioneThere is a column titled language (well said). In 1996 published a book about his naval photographs, Aldo Fraccaroli — Navy Photoand in the 1990s was appointed Honorary President of the Italian Naval and Maritime Documentation Association.

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personal life

At the time of his death, he was married to Carolina and had three daughters, Marina, Barbara and Elena.


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